About Us

Our freestyle Tae Kwon-Do syllabus is designed to bring personal development and strong values to the training hall, while providing the highest quality in sparring, fitness and self-defence tuition.

Director's Statement

Our company philosophy is simple:  Be the best possible role model to your students, provide the highest quality martial arts tuition, and unabashedly - keep them coming back for more.

I can clearly remember how significant my martial arts instructor was to me.  From as early as age 8 he was a key figure in my life. If he had asked me to jump I would no doubt have replied, “How high, sir?"

What I now understand is that as Instructors, we’re in a great position to influence - I mean, we have something our students want (nunchaku, spinning kicks, super cool moves, etc!).  But with power comes responsibility!  Particularly with our younger students it’s our job to give all that we can give at the most crucial point in their lives, where they are most open to influence and change.

That means myself and those around me have a duty to make our classes as enjoyable as possible (what they want), but with just as rich quality martial arts tuition, fitness and moral content (what they need).  We personally feel we have a duty to provide our training and merchandise at below-market prices, so that those from all backgrounds can have the same rewards for hard work that we experienced as students.

That is the very reason that myself and those that work alongside me will always do their best, give all they can and truly push our students to achieve everything they want to achieve both in the training hall and out.

Best regards,

Instructor Nick
Head Instructor
Tiger Martial Arts



Managing Director
B.A. (Hons)
3rd Dan ITF Black Belt
DBS / First Aid / Child Protection Certified


Financial Director
B.A. (Hons)


B.A. (Hons)


Activity Coordinator
DBS / First Aid
/ Child Protection Certified